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Kellie is a 1.5 year old dark sable male who was originally purchased in Europe by a Law Enforcement agency but did not perform up to their expectations so he is now looking for a forever home.
We are looking for a WORKING DOG type home only, meaning a dog trainer, a K9 handler or someone who does dock diving, agility or some type of sports with their animals.
Kellie has a high energy drive and has never lived in a house so he needs a home with someone who will help him transition from what he was trained for to being a house dog.
He is non reactive to other dogs at the facility but has not been cat tested.
His adoption fee is $250



Saved from Thomasville Humane Society on 11/24/2018 Maggie is a 10 month old cream German Shepherd who was an owner surrender to the shelter prior to her coming to our rescue. She is a sweet little girl, on a smaller side but she is currently underweight and not fully grown. Maggie is a little unsure of new people and new surroundings, but once you give her a treat, you will have a best friend for life. At this time, she does not take treats from your hand gently but it's something that we are working on and she's making progress. Maggie has a silly and affectionate personality, she follows her foster parents to the couch and dives into their lap for snuggles. She is in a foster home in New Smyrna Beach, which she shares with 3 other German Shepherds. We do not know how she is around cats. She will do fine with well behaved children. She is not a fan of a crate when left alone for 8 hours a day and she will try to get out of it so a family that is willing to work on crate training or one that is home more than an average work day would be the best fit for her. She has had an occasional accident in the house since her arrival so housebreaking is also work in progress. Maggie's adoption fee is $300


Pandora is a 1 year old panda German Shepherd who was originally found as a stray and ended up at Manatee County Animal Services, prior to coming in to our rescue. She arrived severely underweight despite the extra feedings that she was getting at the shelter. Since in a foster home, she has been fed three times a day with some chicken, liver and rice add ons but she is having a hard time gaining weight. Her blood work came back good and she tested negative for EPI.
Pandora is located in a foster home in Ormond Beach, she has a super sweet and playful personality, enjoys being with people and is very well behaved but due to her young age, she still occasionally jumps on people so a home without small children would be a good match for her. She does bark when she hears the door bell or when someone knocks on the door. She gets overly excited when she sees a cat and we do believe she would not hurt it, but would definitely want to chase it so we prefer a home without cats for her.
Pandora is available on a foster to adopt basis only, as she is not ready to be spayed at this time. A foster to adopt family would be responsible for continuing to help her gain the much needed weight and bring her to one of our approved veterinarians for spay surgery when she's ready.
Her adoption fee is $250.



Drego is a 1.5 year old sable male who was originally purchased in Europe by a law enforcement dog training company in hopes that he would become a drug detection dog, however, shortly after his arrival in the US, they noticed that the tip of his tail was injured so he underwent a tail docking surgery. A few weeks later, he had to have another surgery to remove another piece of his tail due to incorrect healing so today, Drego is almost healed but has only half a tail, which he wags all the time :-)
He is a high drive and high strong dog who is already fully vetted but not yet neutered. Since he resides at the facility and not in a foster home, he is only available on a foster to adopt basis meaning we have to secure a forever home for him, and once he is neutered, then we can finalize his adoption.
Due to Drego's intensive personality, we recommend a home with no small children (although he is super friendly) and only with a family who has experience with working type dogs. He is not a good candidate for a service dog but will do excellent in agility glasses, barn hunting classes or daily jogging with his person. He is crate trained, unknown is he's housebroken at this time and he loves to play ball. He has been around multiple dogs at the facility, but has not had a nose to nose introduction due to his healing process.
Drego's adoption fee is $250.


Talia is a young petite girl who was saved from a hoarding case in Georgia. She is only about 45lbs and will be around 50lbs once she has her correct weight. Talia is a victim of neglect and abuse so we are very specific about what type of a home we will place her in.
At this time, Talia is going through a transition stage which has not been easy for her. She is disconnected from people and other animals, meaning she pays not attention to anything and anyone, she just wants to hide or is constantly looking for an escape route. It's a challenger to put her on a leash and take her outside and for safety reasons, she wears a harness, a slip lead and a martingale type collar.
Due to her fearful behavior, we recommend a calm home without small children, but hopefully with another calm dog or a cat that she can slowly become friends with.
Talia is fully vetted, heartworm negative, spayed and microchipped. Her adoption fee is $250.